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Tea and murals. Anniversary Edition.

Tea and murals. Anniversary Edition.

“Creativity is not a special talent. It is a kind of universal energy that never stops flowing.
When I paint, I have no concept in mind. Instead, I translate an aspect of my present experience into visual data that you can then interpret in your own way”.

Vera Gould


Happy anniversary! The Tea Squirrel turns 1 year old tomorrow! Thank you for following along with this tea journey of mine, you make it worthwhile, dear tea friend! I raise my tea cup to you. Cheers to many more exciting tea adventures together!

To celebrate, I’m taking you to the Mission district in San Francisco to see a favorite of mine, the Mission Mural by Vera Gould, at 20th and Mission Street. This bold, colorful and playful work of street art somehow reminds me of Kandinsky’s abstract paintings. The artist’s statement resonates with me deeply. “Creativity is not a special talent. It is a kind of universal energy that never stops flowing”. That’s exactly how I feel when I create for my blog, it’s a compelling force that drives whatever I do, when I write, when I’m styling my props for a photo shooting, when I take the time to sit and appreciate tea, when I connect with someone over tea. It doesn’t make me special or better than anybody else, but it makes me extremely happy.

The Tea Squirrel and her gaiwan. 

I’m pairing this mural with a bug bitten Tung Ting Mi Xian oolong from Taiwan by Red Blossom Tea Co. It’s very smooth and aromatic with creamy and buttery notes and a delicious orange blossom honey aroma (I’ve recently had some mead made with orange blossom honey, it’s so good!). Tightly rolled tea pellets unfurl into huge lush leaves. Yes, that’s a gaiwan in my hand! Do I get extra points for skillfully balancing a gaiwan during a photo shoot on a very windy street? ;-)

It was so windy! Can you tell?

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Disclaimer: I was not paid to mention or review businesses, products or services mentioned in this blog post. This is my honest opinion. 

My tasting notes: Organic Assam black tea

My tasting notes: Organic Assam black tea