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Hello, my name is Anna.

Welcome to The Tea Squirrel!

I'm dedicated to transforming tea into a captivating experience. Are you keen on exploring exciting culinary and social settings from around the world? 

What's in it for you:

You are after a new exciting sensory experience. Tea pairs perfectly with delicious savory and sweet dishes. Let me show you the best combinations!

You are a keen traveler and curious explorer. Did you know that tea is part of many cultures, not only in the countries where it's grown?

You want to take time from your busy life to relax and appreciate the beauty of simple things. I'll show you how tea can become an uplifting, modern ritual.

You are looking for a different kind of social gathering. Traditionally, tea has been a convivial drink for centuries in many cultures. Did you know that tea can help you establish a human connection in a relaxed, uncomplicated way?

What are you waiting for? Join me on this exciting tea journey and follow me on social media!