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My favorite smoky tea cocktail

Fall… the most nostalgic, sweet, smoky and luxurious of all seasons. The grape harvest, the weather turning chilly, we go back to craving hot tea, even though we never really abandoned it in the summer. When I was a child, fall meant collecting edible chestnuts with my dog, playing in the fallen leaves and trying to avoid the spiky chestnut pods (ouch, those spiky pods sting!). Chestnuts are delicious roasted on an open fire, they become soft, sweet, smoky and earthy. For me smoky and earthy flavors are the embodiment of fall, which is why I’ve created a tea based cocktail that brings all those notes together. 

Anatomy of the Ideal Loose Leaf Tea Storage

I have a confession to make, something keeps me up at night... I have yet to find the ideal storage solution for my loose leaf teas. Deterioration looms large. Right now my cabinet is in complete disarray (I keep my loose leaf teas in the resealable bags they came in, which is not bad but not ideal). You wouldn’t want to stick your hand in there (and neither do I - sigh). I know exactly what’s in there by keeping detailed records in an excel spreadsheet, but it doesn’t look good and it’s hard to find what I’m looking for. I’m confident the ideal storage solution for my loose leaf teas is out there. Here is what I am looking for.