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Tea service in restaurants is appalling and it keeps me up at night

It was a damp, chilly, foggy summer night in San Francisco and I was having dinner with my husband at a fine dining restaurant, a newly opened neighborhood gem. Things were going pretty well, beautiful space, amazing food, thoughtful and friendly service. It couldn’t have been any more perfect until the dessert menu arrived. On a whim, I decided to order tea with my dessert, because the selection seemed promising. Big, big mistake, Anna, big mistake, sweetheart.

Confessions of a teaware minimalist

The beauty of tea also lies in the choice of teaware it is served in. In the Japanese tea ceremony, for example, appreciating the beauty of the teaware is part of the ritual. It helps being present in the moment. The right teaware adds to the experience. Think of drinking your favorite tea out of a beautiful porcelain cup and compare that to drinking that very same tea out of a disposable paper cup. Not the same, right?